JES PLATINUM Penis Extender


1 x Stylish Quality Lacquer Finish Case
1 x JES PLATINUM Extender Device
1 x Flat Rubber Strap
2 x Protection Pad
1 x Custom Velcro Strap
2 x Set 2” Extension Rods
1 x Set 1” Extension Rods
1 x Set ½“ Extension Rods
1 x Set Adjustment Keys
1 x Roll of Cohesive Gauze

Product Description


The JES PLATINUM Penis Extender is coated in pure platinum 950, created for the few men who simply want the best there is. All metal parts are coated in  pure platinum, and come with a certificate to verify this. Platinum is an  extremely rare metal and its wear- and tarnish-resistance characteristics are  well suited for making fine jewelry.  Platinum is more precious than gold or  silver.

The JES-PLATINUM fits penis sizes 4cm up to 28 cm and comes complete in a stylish Quality Lacquer Finish Case.

Discreetly packaged and delivered to your door, the PLATINUM includes everything you need and more to start your penis growing again.