Silver Fox Sex Powder for Women


1 x Sachet Silver Fox sex powder.

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Product Description

Silver Fox Sex Powder for Women

Fast acting Silver Fox for women works extremely well all pro’s and no con’s.

Silver Fox:

Increases sexual awareness, women typically start feeling sexually aroused after 10 minutes of taking Silver Fox. These powders are also known to enhance sensations and induce multiple fast orgasms.

Silver Fox Dosage:

Mix 1 sachet of powder in any drink 30 minutes before having sex. Silver Fox has no smell, colour or taste when mixed in a drink.


Silver Fox is 100% Safe, Natural and Herbal.

Silver Fox Originality & Shelf Life:

Our Silver Fox sex powders are 100% original and carry a shelf life of over 3 years.

What You Get:

1x Sachet Silver Fox sex powder.